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10-Year-Old Boal, Justino's Madeira

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Justino's Madeira: Justino's is a historic Madeira wine producer with a legacy dating back to 1870. As one of the oldest producers on the island, Justino's has played a significant role in the cultivation and promotion of Madeira wines. Boal Grape Variety: The 10-Year-Old Boal from Justino's is crafted from the Boal grape variety. Boal is one of the four noble grape varieties traditionally used in Madeira wine production. It is known for producing wines with a balance of sweetness and acidity. 10-Year-Old Age Statement: The age statement "10-Year-Old" signifies that the Madeira wine has undergone a minimum of ten years of aging in oak casks. This extended maturation period allows for the development of complex flavors and aromas. Fortification and Estufagem: Madeira wines are fortified by adding grape spirits, which not only increase alcohol content but also contribute to the unique aging process. Estufagem, a heating process, is employed to simulate the historical conditions these wines experienced during long sea voyages. Malmsey Style: Boal is often associated with the Malmsey style of Madeira, known for its sweetness and notes of caramel, toffee, and dried fruits. The style can range from medium-sweet to sweet, offering a diverse range of expressions. Microclimate Influence: Madeira's unique climate, characterized by hot and humid conditions, plays a crucial role in the development of the grapes. The volcanic soils and maritime climate contribute to the distinct character of Madeira wines. Vineyard Selection: Justino's likely selects grapes from specific vineyards on Madeira to craft their 10-Year-Old Boal. The choice of vineyard can influence the terroir and characteristics of the final wine. Solera System: Madeira wines are often aged using a variation of the solera system, a fractional blending method where younger wines are progressively mixed with older ones. This imparts a consistent and evolving character to the wine over the years. Tasting Notes: The 10-Year-Old Boal may present a rich and layered profile with notes of caramel, dark chocolate, dried fruits, and a hint of nuttiness. The extended aging contributes to a smooth and well-integrated palate. Versatile Pairing: Madeira wines, including Boal styles, are versatile in pairing with various dishes. The sweetness and complexity make them suitable companions for desserts, cheeses, or even savory dishes. Historical Significance: Madeira wines have a historical significance, having been favored during the Age of Exploration for their resilience during long sea voyages. The 10-Year-Old Boal reflects this tradition of producing robust and enduring wines. Cellaring Potential: Madeira wines have excellent cellaring potential, and the 10-Year-Old Boal is no exception. Properly stored bottles can continue to evolve and improve, making them suitable for aging in a wine cellar. Accessible Aging: The 10-Year-Old Boal provides a balance between the complexity gained from aging and accessibility for those seeking a mature Madeira without the extreme aging periods of older expressions. Consistent Quality: Justino's commitment to quality is reflected in their 10-Year-Old Boal. The wine likely undergoes careful monitoring and blending to ensure consistency and excellence across each bottling.
10-Year-Old Boal, Justino's Madeira
10-Year-Old Boal, Justino's Madeira
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