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10-Year-Old Sercial, Justino's Madeira

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Madeira Wine: Madeira is a fortified wine produced on the island of Madeira, a Portuguese territory in the Atlantic Ocean. The production process involves heating the wine through various methods, including exposure to the sun or artificial heating, giving it a distinctive flavor profile. Sercial Grape: Sercial is one of the traditional grape varieties used in the production of Madeira wine. It is known for its high acidity, which contributes to the dry and crisp character of the final wine. Sercial Madeira is typically on the drier side of the sweetness spectrum. Aging Process: The "10-Year-Old" designation indicates the average age of the wines in the blend. Madeira wines are often aged using the Canteiro method, where the wine is placed in oak casks and slowly heated over time. The extended aging process contributes to the development of complex flavors and aromas. Justino's Madeira: Justino's is one of the oldest and most prestigious producers of Madeira wine. The company has a long history dating back to the late 19th century and is recognized for its commitment to quality and traditional winemaking methods. Dry and Crisp Profile: Sercial Madeira wines are known for their dry and crisp characteristics. They often exhibit citrusy notes, high acidity, and a certain nuttiness that develops during the aging process. Versatility: Madeira wines, including those made from Sercial, are versatile and can be enjoyed in various ways. Sercial Madeira, with its dry profile, is often served as an aperitif but can also be paired with a range of dishes, including appetizers and main courses. Historical Significance: Madeira has a rich historical significance and was one of the preferred wines of the American Founding Fathers. It was even used to toast the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Longevity: Madeira wines, including Sercial, are known for their exceptional aging potential. The combination of fortification, exposure to heat, and the quality of the grape varieties used allows these wines to age gracefully for many decades.
10-Year-Old Sercial, Justino's Madeira
10-Year-Old Sercial, Justino's Madeira
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