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2013 Barbaresco `Maria Adelaide`, Bruno Rocca

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Barbaresco Appellation: Barbaresco is one of the renowned wine regions in the Langhe district of Piedmont. Known for its high-quality Nebbiolo wines, Barbaresco is often compared to its neighbor Barolo. Both regions produce wines with great aging potential. Bruno Rocca Winery: Bruno Rocca is a family-owned winery in the Barbaresco area. The Rocca family has been involved in winemaking for multiple generations, and Bruno Rocca is recognized for his commitment to producing terroir-driven wines. "Maria Adelaide" Vineyard: The name "Maria Adelaide" likely refers to a specific vineyard owned by the Rocca family. Single-vineyard wines often express the unique terroir of a particular site, showcasing the influence of soil, microclimate, and grapevine age. Nebbiolo Grape: Nebbiolo is the primary grape variety used in Barbaresco wines. It is known for its high acidity, bold tannins, and the ability to express the nuances of the terroir. Nebbiolo wines are often characterized by red fruit, floral, and earthy notes. 2013 Vintage: The 2013 vintage in Piedmont faced favorable conditions, resulting in wines with good structure and aging potential. Winemakers often appreciate vintages like 2013 for producing balanced and elegant expressions of Nebbiolo. Traditional Winemaking: Bruno Rocca is known for practicing traditional winemaking techniques. This may include fermentation in stainless steel or wooden vessels and aging the wine in large oak casks or barriques. Aging Potential: Barbaresco wines, particularly those from respected producers and single-vineyard sites, are known for their aging potential. The 2013 "Maria Adelaide" is likely to have developed additional complexity and character with time in the bottle. Label Art: The label of Bruno Rocca wines, including "Maria Adelaide," often features artwork or designs that may hold personal or historical significance to the Rocca family. Limited Production: Single-vineyard wines, especially those from esteemed producers, are often produced in limited quantities. This limited production adds to the exclusivity and desirability of the wine. Food Pairing: Barbaresco wines pair well with a variety of dishes, including traditional Piedmontese cuisine. The 2013 "Maria Adelaide" might complement dishes such as braised meats, truffle-infused dishes, or aged cheeses. Critical Acclaim: Wines from Bruno Rocca, particularly those from special vineyards like "Maria Adelaide," are often well-received by wine critics. Reviews and ratings can provide insights into the wine's quality and style.
2013 Barbaresco `Maria Adelaide`, Bruno Rocca
2013 Barbaresco `Maria Adelaide`, Bruno Rocca
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