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2013 Blanc de Blancs, Nyetimber

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Nyetimber Winery: Nyetimber is a pioneering English sparkling wine producer located in West Sussex, England. It has played a significant role in establishing England as a region capable of producing high-quality sparkling wines. Blanc de Blancs: Blanc de Blancs, translated as "white from whites," refers to sparkling wines made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes. This style is known for its elegance, freshness, and citrusy characteristics. English Sparkling Wine Renaissance: Over the past few decades, English sparkling wine has gained international acclaim for its quality, often being compared to traditional sparkling wines from Champagne. The cool climate and chalky soils in parts of England are conducive to growing classic sparkling wine grape varieties. 2013 Vintage: The 2013 vintage is known for its favorable weather conditions in England. A combination of warm temperatures during the growing season and a cool harvest period contributed to the production of wines with good acidity and complexity. Chardonnay Grapes: Chardonnay is one of the primary grape varieties used in traditional sparkling wine production. In the case of Blanc de Blancs, the wine showcases the bright acidity, citrus notes, and minerality inherent in Chardonnay. Traditional Method: Nyetimber employs the traditional method (Méthode Traditionnelle) for producing sparkling wine. This involves a secondary fermentation in the bottle, a process that contributes to the fine bubbles and complexity of the wine. Vineyard Locations: Nyetimber's vineyards are strategically located in West Sussex and Hampshire, regions with chalky soils similar to those found in Champagne. These soils are known for providing excellent drainage and imparting distinctive mineral characteristics to the grapes. Award-Winning: Nyetimber wines, including Blanc de Blancs, have received numerous awards and accolades, contributing to the winery's reputation as a top producer of English sparkling wine. Sustainable Practices: Nyetimber is committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly viticulture. This includes practices such as minimal intervention in the vineyard, biodiversity initiatives, and energy-efficient winemaking. Aging Potential: Blanc de Blancs sparkling wines often have good aging potential. The 2013 vintage from Nyetimber is likely to have developed additional complexity and depth with bottle aging. English Terroir: The unique terroir of Nyetimber's vineyards, characterized by chalky soils and a cool climate, contributes to the distinctiveness of their wines. English sparkling wines are gaining recognition for expressing a unique sense of place.
2013 Blanc de Blancs, Nyetimber
2013 Blanc de Blancs, Nyetimber
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