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2014 Feudi di Guagnano Nero di Velluto Negroamaro Salento IGT

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Feudi di Guagnano is a winery located in the Salento region of Puglia, Italy. The winery is known for producing wines that showcase the unique characteristics of the Negroamaro grape, a variety indigenous to the area. Nero di Velluto: Nero di Velluto, translating to "Velvet Black," is a wine crafted by Feudi di Guagnano. The name suggests a wine with a rich, velvety texture, possibly indicative of the smooth and luxurious mouthfeel it aims to achieve. Negroamaro Grape: Negroamaro is a red grape variety native to Puglia. It is known for producing wines with deep color, rich fruit flavors, and a characteristic earthy or spicy undertone. The grape thrives in the warm and arid climate of the Salento region. Salento IGT: The designation "Salento IGT" (Indicazione Geografica Tipica) signifies that the wine is produced in the Salento Peninsula, allowing winemakers flexibility in grape varieties and winemaking techniques. This designation often leads to wines that express the local terroir. Vintage 2014: The vintage year, 2014, plays a crucial role in determining the wine's characteristics. Weather conditions during the growing season can influence grape ripening and flavor development, impacting the overall profile of the wine. Terroir of Salento: The Salento region is known for its warm Mediterranean climate and limestone-rich soils. These terroir elements contribute to the unique qualities of wines produced in the area, providing a sense of place and identity. Winemaking Techniques: The winemaking process employed by Feudi di Guagnano is essential to shaping the wine's style. This could include fermentation methods, maceration periods, and aging conditions, all of which influence the final flavor, aroma, and texture of Nero di Velluto. Food Pairing: Wines from Salento, especially those made with Negroamaro, are often versatile at the table. Nero di Velluto may pair well with local Puglian dishes, such as hearty stews, pasta with tomato-based sauces, or grilled meats. Local Tradition and Modern Innovation: Wineries in Salento often balance traditional winemaking practices with modern techniques. This fusion allows them to preserve the authenticity of indigenous grape varieties while adapting to contemporary tastes. Cultural Significance: Wines like Nero di Velluto contribute to the cultural identity of Salento. They reflect the region's winemaking heritage and the efforts of local producers to showcase the unique characteristics of Puglian grapes. Market Presence: The wine may have a regional or international market presence, contributing to the promotion of Salento as a notable wine-producing area within Italy and beyond. Distinctive Labeling: The label of Nero di Velluto may feature distinctive artwork or design elements that reflect the winery's aesthetic choices or convey the wine's personality and character. Awards and Recognition: Depending on the quality and craftsmanship, Nero di Velluto may have received awards or recognition in wine competitions, adding to its reputation in the market.
2014 Feudi di Guagnano Nero di Velluto Negroamaro Salento IGT
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