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2014 `Tocao` Bío-Bío Valley Malbec, Clos des Fous

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Clos des Fous Winery: Clos des Fous is a Chilean winery known for its unconventional and experimental winemaking philosophy. The winery was founded by a group of four friends—Pedro Parra, François Massoc, Paco Leyton, and Albert Cussen—in an effort to explore different terroirs and winemaking techniques. Tocao: "Tocao" is the name of a specific cuvée or label used by Clos des Fous for their Malbec wines. The name might have a local or cultural significance, or it could be a term related to the winery's approach or philosophy. Bío-Bío Valley: The Bío-Bío Valley is located in southern Chile and is known for its cooler climate compared to some of the more northern wine regions. This cooler climate can contribute to wines with bright acidity and expressive fruit flavors. Malbec Grape: Malbec is a red grape variety originally from France but widely planted in various wine regions around the world. In Chile, Malbec can exhibit flavors of dark fruits, floral notes, and sometimes a hint of spiciness. Vintage 2014: The choice of the 2014 vintage indicates the specific year the grapes were harvested. Weather conditions during the growing season can influence the characteristics of the wine. In certain regions, cooler vintages may result in wines with good acidity and freshness. Innovative Winemaking: Clos des Fous is known for its innovative winemaking techniques. The winery explores different vineyard sites, soil types, and fermentation methods to create wines that express the diversity of Chile's terroirs. Terroir Expression: Clos des Fous places a strong emphasis on terroir, aiming to capture the unique characteristics of each vineyard. The Bío-Bío Valley's diverse soils and climate likely contribute to the distinctive qualities of the "Tocao" Malbec. Minimal Intervention: Some wineries, including Clos des Fous, practice minimal intervention winemaking. This approach involves allowing the grapes and terroir to speak for themselves, with minimal interference during the winemaking process. Food Pairing: Malbec wines, with their ripe fruit flavors and moderate tannins, often pair well with a variety of foods. They can complement grilled meats, hearty stews, and dishes with rich sauces. Limited Production: Wines from boutique and experimental wineries like Clos des Fous are often produced in limited quantities. This can contribute to the exclusivity and uniqueness of the wines.
2014 `Tocao` Bío-Bío Valley Malbec, Clos des Fous
2014 `Tocao` Bío-Bío Valley Malbec, Clos des Fous
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