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2016 Chablis 1er Cru Fourchaume `Les Vaupulans`, Domaine Vrignaud

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Domaine Vrignaud: Family Estate: Domaine Vrignaud is a family-owned winery located in the Chablis region of Burgundy, France. The estate has a history of winemaking that spans multiple generations. Chablis Specialist: The winery is dedicated to producing wines exclusively from the Chablis appellation. Chablis is renowned for its crisp and mineral-driven Chardonnay wines. Vineyard Holdings: Domaine Vrignaud owns and manages vineyards in various premier and grand cru sites in Chablis. The diversity of vineyard holdings allows for the production of wines that showcase different terroirs within the region. 2016 Chablis 1er Cru Fourchaume "Les Vaupulans": Premier Cru Designation: "1er Cru" indicates that the wine comes from a premier cru vineyard, a classification just below the grand cru level. Fourchaume is a well-regarded premier cru vineyard in Chablis. Les Vaupulans Parcel: "Les Vaupulans" is a specific parcel or section within the premier cru vineyard of Fourchaume. Different parcels within a vineyard can contribute unique characteristics to the wine. Chardonnay Grape: Chablis wines are made exclusively from the Chardonnay grape. Chardonnay from Chablis is known for its vibrant acidity, purity of fruit, and a pronounced mineral character attributed to the Kimmeridgian limestone soils. 2016 Vintage: The 2016 vintage in Chablis experienced favorable weather conditions. A well-balanced growing season with good acidity levels is often reflected in the wines from this vintage. Mineral Expression: Chablis wines, especially those from premier cru and grand cru vineyards, are celebrated for their mineral expression. The Kimmeridgian soils, rich in marine fossils, contribute to the unique terroir-driven profile of Chablis wines. Vinification: The winemaking process for Chablis often involves stainless steel fermentation and aging to preserve the purity of the fruit and maintain the characteristic freshness of the wines. Age-Worthiness: While Chablis wines are enjoyable in their youth, the premier cru and grand cru expressions, including those from Domaine Vrignaud, are known for their aging potential. The wines can evolve and develop additional complexity with time in the bottle. Food Pairing: Chablis wines, with their high acidity and minerality, pair well with a variety of foods. They are particularly well-suited for seafood, shellfish, and dishes that allow the wine's vibrant character to shine.
2016 Chablis 1er Cru Fourchaume `Les Vaupulans`, Domaine Vrignaud
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