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2016 `Coto de Imaz` Rioja Gran Reserva, El Coto

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Rioja Gran Reserva: Rioja Gran Reserva is a prestigious classification in the Rioja region of Spain, indicating a wine that has undergone extensive aging before release. Gran Reserva red wines are required to spend at least two years in oak barrels and three years in the bottle. El Coto: El Coto de Rioja is a well-known winery located in the Rioja region, with a history dating back to 1970. The winery is recognized for producing a range of Rioja wines, including Crianza, Reserva, and Gran Reserva. 2016 Vintage: The 2016 vintage in Rioja is generally considered excellent, marked by favorable weather conditions during the growing season. Wines from this vintage are anticipated to have good structure, balance, and aging potential. Tempranillo Grape: Tempranillo is the dominant grape variety in Rioja and is likely a significant part of the Coto de Imaz Rioja Gran Reserva blend. Tempranillo contributes to the wine's characteristic flavors of red fruit, cherry, and sometimes hints of vanilla. Oak Aging: Rioja Gran Reserva wines, including Coto de Imaz, undergo extended aging in oak barrels, which imparts complex aromas and flavors to the wine. The oak aging process may contribute notes of vanilla, cedar, and subtle spice. Traditional Winemaking: El Coto is known for its commitment to traditional winemaking methods, including the use of American oak barrels. The winery aims to balance tradition with modern techniques to produce wines that reflect the unique terroir of Rioja. Tasting Profile: Rioja Gran Reserva wines typically exhibit a harmonious blend of fruit and oak flavors, with a mature and well-integrated character. The Coto de Imaz Rioja Gran Reserva may showcase a combination of red fruit, leather, tobacco, and a velvety texture. Food Pairing: Rioja Gran Reserva wines are versatile and pair well with a variety of dishes, including roasted meats, lamb, aged cheeses, and traditional Spanish cuisine.
2016 `Coto de Imaz` Rioja Gran Reserva, El Coto
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