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2017 `Black Queen` Barossa Valley Sparkling Shiraz, Peter Lehmann Masters

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Peter Lehmann Masters Series: The "Black Queen" Sparkling Shiraz is part of the Masters Series by Peter Lehmann Wines. The Masters Series highlights premium wines crafted to showcase the best of the Barossa Valley. Barossa Valley: Barossa Valley is renowned for its Shiraz wines, and its warm climate and diverse soils contribute to the bold and robust character of the wines produced in the region. Sparkling Shiraz: Sparkling Shiraz is a distinctive style of wine where the Shiraz grape, known for its rich and full-bodied character, is used to produce a sparkling wine with effervescence. It is a unique and traditional Australian style, often enjoyed during celebrations. "Black Queen" Name: The name "Black Queen" may have significance related to the winery's history, the style of the wine, or even a nod to the region's cultural heritage. 2017 Vintage: The 2017 vintage in Barossa Valley had favorable growing conditions, resulting in wines with good ripeness and concentration. Vintage variations can influence the flavor profile, structure, and aging potential of the wine. Shiraz Grape: Shiraz is the flagship red grape variety of Australia, known for its dark fruit flavors, spice, and full-bodied nature. It contributes to the rich and bold character of Sparkling Shiraz. Traditional Method: Some sparkling Shiraz wines are produced using the traditional method (Méthode Traditionnelle), where the wine undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle. This method can enhance complexity and create fine bubbles. Winemaking Techniques: The production of Sparkling Shiraz involves specific winemaking techniques, including the blending of base wines, fermentation, and aging. The winemaking process can impact the style and quality of the final product. Food Pairing: Sparkling Shiraz is a versatile wine that pairs well with a range of foods, including barbecue dishes, grilled meats, and even chocolate-based desserts. Limited Production: Wines from the Masters Series, being a premium line, might have limited production, contributing to their exclusivity and desirability. Aging Potential: Sparkling Shiraz wines can age well, and proper cellaring may allow the wine to develop additional complexity over time while maintaining its effervescence.
2017 `Black Queen` Barossa Valley Sparkling Shiraz, Peter Lehmann Masters
2017 `Black Queen` Barossa Valley Sparkling Shiraz, Peter Lehmann Masters
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