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2017 Dr. Loosen Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese

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Dr. Loosen is a renowned German winery located in the Mosel wine region. It is particularly acclaimed for its high-quality Riesling wines that reflect the unique terroir of the region. Wehlener Sonnenuhr Vineyard: The Wehlener Sonnenuhr vineyard is one of the most prestigious vineyards in the Mosel. It is known for its steep slopes, slate soils, and a south-facing aspect, providing optimal conditions for Riesling cultivation. Riesling Grape: Riesling is the flagship grape variety of Germany, celebrated for its ability to express terroir, high acidity, and a wide range of flavors from crisp and citrusy to sweet and tropical. Auslese: "Auslese" translates to "selected harvest" in German. It designates a high-quality category of wines made from individually selected, fully ripened grapes. Auslese wines are known for their richness and sweetness. Vintage 2017: The vintage year, 2017, plays a crucial role in shaping the wine's character. Weather conditions during the growing season influence grape development and contribute to the overall flavor profile of the wine. Late Harvest: Auslese wines are often made from grapes that have been allowed to ripen on the vine until later in the harvest season. This extended ripening period intensifies flavors and sugar levels. Sweetness Level: As an Auslese, this Riesling is likely to have a noticeable level of sweetness. However, the sweetness is balanced by the wine's high acidity, creating a harmonious and complex taste profile. Flavor Profile: The Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese may showcase a spectrum of flavors, including ripe stone fruits, citrus, honey, and possibly mineral notes from the slate soils of the vineyard. Aging Potential: Riesling wines, especially those of high quality like Auslese, often have excellent aging potential. Properly cellared, this wine may develop additional complexities over time, evolving into a more nuanced and layered expression. Food Pairing: The sweetness and acidity of this Riesling make it a versatile food-pairing wine. It can complement spicy dishes, rich cheeses, or be enjoyed on its own as a dessert wine. Cultural Significance: Dr. Loosen and the Wehlener Sonnenuhr vineyard contribute to the cultural significance of German winemaking. The estate's commitment to traditional winemaking practices and the unique character of the Mosel region add depth to the wine's story. Critical Acclaim: Wines from Dr. Loosen often receive positive reviews from critics and may have garnered awards, contributing to the winery's reputation for excellence in Riesling production. Winemaking Philosophy: Dr. Loosen is known for its dedication to traditional winemaking methods. The estate emphasizes minimal intervention, allowing the grapes and terroir to speak for themselves.
2017 Dr. Loosen Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese
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