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2017 Franz Haas Pinot Nero Schweizer Alto Adige - Sudtirol

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Franz Haas Winery: The Franz Haas winery, situated in the Alto Adige (Südtirol) region of northern Italy, is renowned for its commitment to quality winemaking. With a history dating back to 1880, the estate is known for producing a range of exceptional wines. Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir) in Alto Adige: Pinot Nero, the Italian name for Pinot Noir, is a red grape variety that has found a favorable home in Alto Adige. The region's diverse microclimates, altitude variations, and mineral-rich soils contribute to the complexity and character of Pinot Noir wines produced by wineries like Franz Haas. Schweizer Vineyard: The mention of "Schweizer" indicates that the Pinot Nero grapes for this wine come from a specific vineyard named Schweizer. Vineyard names often carry significance, representing a particular terroir, historical connection, or unique characteristics that influence the grapes' development. Alto Adige Terroir: The terroir of Alto Adige, with its Alpine influences and varied elevations, plays a crucial role in shaping the character of Pinot Nero. The diurnal temperature shifts and cool nights contribute to the retention of acidity and the development of nuanced flavors in the grapes. 2017 Vintage: The 2017 vintage was influenced by specific weather conditions throughout the growing season. Factors such as temperature, rainfall, and sunlight hours contribute to the unique characteristics of wines from this vintage. Winemakers must adapt their techniques to the conditions of each year. Winemaking Techniques: Franz Haas likely employs specific winemaking techniques to highlight the unique qualities of Pinot Nero from the Schweizer vineyard. These techniques may include fermentation methods, oak aging, and other interventions to craft a wine that reflects the grape variety and terroir. Flavor Profile: Pinot Nero wines are known for their elegance, red fruit flavors, and silky texture. The 2017 Franz Haas Pinot Nero Schweizer may showcase notes of cherry, raspberry, and subtle earthy undertones. The specific characteristics will be influenced by the unique features of the Schweizer vineyard. Food Pairing Recommendations: Pinot Nero wines are versatile when it comes to food pairings. They can complement a range of dishes, from lighter fare like roasted poultry to more robust options like grilled salmon or even mushroom-based dishes. The wine's acidity and moderate tannins contribute to its food-friendly nature. Ageing Potential: Well-crafted Pinot Nero wines, especially those from premium vineyards like Schweizer, often have good ageing potential. The 2017 vintage may develop additional complexities and nuances with proper cellaring, offering wine enthusiasts the opportunity to experience its evolution over time. Limited Production: Wines from specific vineyards, such as Schweizer, may be produced in limited quantities, adding an element of exclusivity to the 2017 Franz Haas Pinot Nero. Limited production wines can be sought after by collectors and enthusiasts looking for unique expressions of terroir.
2017 Franz Haas Pinot Nero Schweizer Alto Adige - Sudtirol
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