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2017 `L'Aristide` Amarone della Valpolicella, La Giuva

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La Giuva: Location: La Giuva is a winery located in the Valpolicella region of Veneto, Italy. Traditional Winemaking: Wineries in Valpolicella often adhere to traditional winemaking methods, especially for producing wines like Amarone. Amarone della Valpolicella: Unique Winemaking Process: Amarone is made using a unique winemaking process called appassimento, where the grapes are dried before fermentation to concentrate sugars and flavors. Corvina, Rondinella, and Molinara: Amarone is typically crafted from indigenous grape varieties such as Corvina, Rondinella, and Molinara. Rich and Full-Bodied: Amarone wines are known for their richness, full-bodied character, and complex flavors, often featuring dried fruit, spice, and chocolate notes. Extended Aging: Amarone wines usually undergo extended aging in large oak barrels, contributing to their smooth and well-integrated tannins. "L'Aristide" Amarone della Valpolicella: Special Cuvee: The term "L'Aristide" suggests that this wine may be a special cuvée or selection, possibly representing a top-tier or premium offering from the winery. Vintage 2017: The 2017 vintage conditions, including weather patterns and temperature fluctuations, would have influenced the characteristics of the wine. Winemaking and Tasting Profile: Appassimento Process: The grapes used to produce Amarone are dried for several weeks, concentrating sugars and flavors before fermentation. Fermentation and Aging: After fermentation, Amarone wines are aged for an extended period, often in oak barrels, to enhance complexity and texture. Tasting Notes: Tasting notes for "L'Aristide" Amarone della Valpolicella may include characteristics such as dark fruit (raisins, prunes), chocolate, tobacco, and a velvety texture. Limited Production and Aging Potential: Limited Availability: Premium Amarone wines, especially those with special designations, may have limited production, adding to their exclusivity. Cellaring Potential: Amarone wines are known for their aging potential. Properly stored bottles can evolve and improve over many years.
2017 `L'Aristide` Amarone della Valpolicella, La Giuva
2017 `L'Aristide` Amarone della Valpolicella, La Giuva
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