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2017 `Pagus Camilla` Vermentino, Poggio al Tesoro

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Poggio al Tesoro: Location: Poggio al Tesoro is a winery located in the Bolgheri region of Tuscany, Italy. Owned by Allegrini: The estate is owned by the Allegrini family, renowned for their winemaking expertise and commitment to producing high-quality wines. Bolgheri Terroir: Bolgheri is known for its coastal vineyards, which benefit from a unique microclimate, influenced by the nearby Tyrrhenian Sea. Vermentino Grape: Mediterranean Variety: Vermentino is a white grape variety that is commonly found in Mediterranean regions, including Italy and southern France. Crisp and Aromatic: Vermentino wines are known for their crisp acidity, citrusy flavors, and aromatic profile with notes of green herbs and minerals. Versatility: Vermentino is a versatile grape that can produce a range of styles from light and zesty to more complex and structured wines. "Pagus Camilla" Vermentino: Single Vineyard: Wines labeled as "Pagus Camilla" often signify a focus on expressing the unique characteristics of a specific vineyard or terroir. Vintage 2017: The 2017 vintage conditions, including weather patterns and temperature fluctuations, would have influenced the style and characteristics of the wine. Winemaking and Tasting Profile: Modern Winemaking: Poggio al Tesoro is known for its modern winemaking techniques, which may include temperature-controlled fermentation and the use of French oak barrels. Aging Potential: While Vermentino is often consumed young to preserve its freshness, some producers experiment with extended lees aging or oak aging to enhance complexity. Tasting Notes: Tasting notes for "Pagus Camilla" Vermentino may include citrus fruits, green apple, Mediterranean herbs, and a crisp, refreshing finish. Bolgheri Region: Super Tuscan Influence: Bolgheri gained fame for its "Super Tuscan" wines, which often blend traditional Tuscan varieties with international grapes. Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot: While Vermentino is a white variety, Bolgheri is also known for its red wines, especially those based on Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.
2017 `Pagus Camilla` Vermentino, Poggio al Tesoro
2017 `Pagus Camilla` Vermentino, Poggio al Tesoro
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