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2018 Franz Haas Petit Manseng Alto Adige

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Franz Haas Winery: Franz Haas is a prestigious winery located in the Alto Adige region of northern Italy. With a history dating back to 1880, the estate is known for its commitment to quality winemaking and innovation. Petit Manseng Grape Variety: Petit Manseng is a white grape variety originating from the Jurançon region in southwestern France. It has found a new home in Alto Adige, where the cool climate and diverse terroir contribute to its unique expression. Alto Adige Terroir: The terroir of Alto Adige, characterized by Alpine influences and varying microclimates, imparts distinct qualities to the wines produced in the region. It plays a crucial role in shaping the character of the Petit Manseng grapes grown there. Rare Variety in Alto Adige: Petit Manseng is relatively rare in Alto Adige, making it an interesting choice for winemakers like Franz Haas. The decision to cultivate this grape reflects a dedication to showcasing the region's potential with diverse grape varieties. Late Harvest Style: Petit Manseng is often associated with late-harvest wines. The grapes are left on the vine longer, allowing them to concentrate flavors and develop natural sweetness. This style can result in wines with rich, honeyed notes. 2018 Vintage: The 2018 vintage in Alto Adige, as in many wine regions, was influenced by climatic conditions throughout the growing season. Factors such as temperature, rainfall, and sunshine hours contribute to the unique characteristics of wines from this vintage. Flavor Profile: The flavor profile of the 2018 Franz Haas Petit Manseng may include notes of tropical fruits, citrus, and honey. The late-harvest style can bring out a luscious sweetness balanced by refreshing acidity. Winemaking Techniques: Franz Haas is likely to employ specific winemaking techniques to enhance the unique qualities of Petit Manseng. This may involve fermentation, aging processes, and other interventions to craft a wine that reflects both the grape variety and the winery's style. Food Pairing Recommendations: Due to its sweetness and acidity, Petit Manseng wines, especially late-harvest styles, are versatile when it comes to food pairings. They can complement both savory and dessert dishes, offering a delightful gastronomic experience. Ageing Potential: Wines made from late-harvest Petit Manseng grapes often have excellent ageing potential. The balance of sweetness, acidity, and concentrated flavors can evolve gracefully over time, providing an opportunity for wine enthusiasts to explore the development of the wine. Franz Haas Legacy: Franz Haas continues to be a respected name in the world of winemaking. Their exploration of grape varieties like Petit Manseng contributes to the winery's legacy of innovation and excellence. Limited Production: As Petit Manseng is not as widely planted in Alto Adige, the 2018 Franz Haas Petit Manseng may be produced in limited quantities. This rarity adds to the wine's appeal for collectors and enthusiasts seeking unique and distinctive bottles.
2018 Franz Haas Petit Manseng Alto Adige
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