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2018 Rosé `Bella`, Bride Valley

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Dorset's Contribution: The 2018 Rosé "Bella" from Bride Valley is a testament to the emerging wine scene in Dorset, England. Dorset's unique terroir and climate contribute to the distinctive character of wines produced in the region. Bride Valley Estate: The wine is produced by the Bride Valley Estate, a family-owned winery located in the picturesque Bride Valley. The estate, owned by Steven Spurrier and his wife Bella, is dedicated to crafting high-quality English sparkling wines. Sparkling Wine Expertise: Steven Spurrier, a renowned figure in the wine world, is not only the co-owner of Bride Valley but also a seasoned wine expert. His influence and expertise contribute to the winery's commitment to excellence. Pinot Noir Emphasis: "Bella" is often crafted primarily from Pinot Noir grapes, a red grape variety known for its ability to produce vibrant and complex sparkling rosés. The inclusion of Pinot Noir contributes to the wine's color, structure, and flavor profile. Traditional Method: The 2018 Rosé "Bella" is likely produced using the traditional method, which involves a secondary fermentation in the bottle. This method is known for creating fine, persistent bubbles and enhancing the wine's complexity. Vineyard Practices: Bride Valley Estate may employ meticulous vineyard practices, including hand harvesting, to ensure the quality of the grapes used in "Bella." Attention to detail in the vineyard is crucial for crafting premium sparkling wines. Elegant Pink Hue: The wine's elegant pink hue is a result of the brief contact between the grape skins and the juice during the winemaking process. This method allows for the extraction of color while maintaining the wine's finesse. English Sparkling Renaissance: Wines like the 2018 Rosé "Bella" contribute to the renaissance of English sparkling wines. Over recent years, English sparklers have gained international acclaim, challenging the traditional dominance of other sparkling wine regions. Named After Bella Spurrier: The wine is named "Bella" in honor of Bella Spurrier, co-owner of Bride Valley Estate. This personal touch adds a familial and intimate aspect to the wine, reflecting the Spurrier family's involvement in its creation. Limited Production: Like many premium sparkling wines, "Bella" may be produced in limited quantities. This limited production emphasizes the winery's focus on quality and attention to detail in crafting each bottle. English Terroir Expression: The 2018 Rosé "Bella" serves as an expression of the unique terroir of the Bride Valley. The local soil, climate, and geographical features contribute to the wine's individuality, showcasing the potential of English viticulture.
2018 Rosé `Bella`, Bride Valley
2018 Rosé `Bella`, Bride Valley
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