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2018 Rosé Brut, Rathfinny Wine Estate

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English Terroir: The 2018 Rosé Brut from Rathfinny Wine Estate is a product of the English terroir. Rathfinny, located in Sussex, England, benefits from a unique combination of soil, climate, and geography that contributes to the distinct character of the wine. Cool Climate Elegance: The wine is crafted in a cool climate, which is often conducive to producing sparkling wines with a crisp acidity and vibrant fruit flavors. This cool climate influence imparts a refreshing and elegant quality to the Rosé Brut. Traditional Method Production: Similar to many high-quality sparkling wines, the 2018 Rosé Brut undergoes the traditional method of production. This involves a secondary fermentation in the bottle, allowing for the development of fine and persistent bubbles. Pinot Noir Dominance: The blend of grapes for this Rosé Brut is typically led by Pinot Noir, a red grape variety known for its rich and complex flavors. The inclusion of Pinot Noir contributes to the wine's distinctive character and often gives it a beautiful pink hue. Extended Lees Aging: To enhance the wine's complexity and mouthfeel, the 2018 Rosé Brut may undergo an extended period of aging on the lees (spent yeast cells) after the secondary fermentation. This process can add layers of flavor and texture to the final product. Sustainable Viticulture: Rathfinny Wine Estate is committed to sustainable viticulture practices. The estate takes measures to minimize its environmental impact and promote biodiversity in the vineyard, reflecting a broader trend in the wine industry towards eco-friendly production. English Sparkling Wine Renaissance: The 2018 Rosé Brut is part of the growing reputation of English sparkling wines on the global stage. Over recent years, English sparkling wines have garnered acclaim for their quality, challenging the traditional dominance of Champagne in the sparkling wine market. Bespoke Bottle Design: Rathfinny Wine Estate pays attention not only to the content but also to the presentation. The bottle design for the 2018 Rosé Brut is often carefully curated, reflecting the estate's commitment to quality and aesthetics. Versatile Pairing: English sparkling wines like Rathfinny's Rosé Brut are celebrated for their versatility in food pairings. The balanced acidity and nuanced flavors make them suitable companions for a range of dishes, from seafood and salads to more complex and savory fare. Expression of English Heritage: The 2018 Rosé Brut, like other wines from Rathfinny Wine Estate, embodies the essence of English winemaking. It is a testament to the evolving landscape of wine production in England and the potential of the region to produce world-class sparkling wines.
2018 Rosé Brut, Rathfinny Wine Estate
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