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2020 Meursault 1er Cru `Les Porusots`, Domaine de Montille

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2020 Meursault 1er Cru 'Les Porusots', Domaine de Montille 

Embrace the luxurious depth of the 2020 Meursault 1er Cru 'Les Porusots' by Domaine de Montille, a wine that resonates with the character and tradition of Burgundy's esteemed Meursault vineyards.

  • 🍇 Vintage: 2020
  • 🏞️ Origin: Meursault 1er Cru 'Les Porusots', Burgundy, France
  • 🍇 Grape Variety: Chardonnay
  • 🍷 Flavor Profile: This exceptional wine offers a symphony of aromas and flavors, from richly layered notes of ripe orchard fruits and citrus to nuanced hints of honey and nuttiness. Its refined oak aging adds a subtle touch of spice and vanilla, enhancing the overall complexity. The wine's elegant minerality and well-integrated acidity culminate in a long, luxurious finish.
  • 🌍 'Les Porusots' Vineyard: Nestled in the heart of Burgundy, the 'Les Porusots' vineyard is celebrated for its rich, limestone-infused soils and microclimatic conditions. These factors contribute to the distinctive terroir expression found in this premier cru, offering a wine that is both powerful and graceful.
  • 🍷 Winemaking Craftsmanship: Domaine de Montille's approach to winemaking combines traditional methods with innovative techniques. Each step, from careful grape selection to gentle pressing and attentive barrel aging, is meticulously executed to ensure the wine reflects the purity and essence of its terroir.
  • 🍽️ Food Pairing: The 2020 'Les Porusots' is an exemplary partner for fine cuisine, especially dishes like butter-poached lobster, roasted chicken with herbs, and creamy mushroom risotto. Its versatility allows it to pair harmoniously with a broad range of flavors.
  • 🍷 Serving Recommendations: To best experience the depth and nuances of this Meursault, serve it at a cool temperature. Consider decanting to allow the wine to open up fully, revealing its intricate bouquet and layered palate.

Indulge in the sumptuous experience of the 2020 Meursault 1er Cru 'Les Porusots' by Domaine de Montille, a true gem from the heart of Burgundy, offering a taste journey through one of the world's most celebrated wine regions.

2020 Meursault 1er Cru `Les Porusots`, Domaine de Montille
2020 Meursault 1er Cru `Les Porusots`, Domaine de Montille
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