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2021 `De Nit` Rosé, Raventós i Blanc

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The 2021 "De Nit" Rosé is a distinguished sparkling wine produced by Raventós i Blanc, a historic winery located in the Conca del Riu Anoia region of Catalonia, Spain. "De Nit" is crafted using a traditional method known as méthode champenoise, similar to that used in the Champagne region of France, emphasizing the winery's commitment to quality and tradition. The wine is made from a unique blend of traditional Spanish grape varieties, including Macabeo, Xarel-lo, Parellada, and Monastrell, contributing to its distinctive flavor profile. Raventós i Blanc is known for its focus on biodynamic and organic viticulture, highlighting a dedication to sustainable farming practices that respect the environment and terroir. The name "De Nit" translates to "Of the Night" in Catalan, and this rosé is often associated with its ability to evoke the essence of a sophisticated evening, making it suitable for special occasions. The 2021 vintage of "De Nit" Rosé is likely to reflect the specific weather conditions and characteristics of the growing season, contributing to the wine's individuality and complexity. Raventós i Blanc has a long winemaking history dating back to 1497, and the winery is one of the few in Spain that produces sparkling wines exclusively from estate-grown grapes. The winemaking team at Raventós i Blanc takes a hands-on approach, with a meticulous selection process for the grapes and a commitment to minimal intervention in the cellar to allow the terroir to shine through. "De Nit" Rosé is known for its elegant pale pink color, a result of a careful maceration process that extracts the desired color and flavor compounds from the grape skins. The 2021 vintage of "De Nit" Rosé continues the legacy of excellence associated with Raventós i Blanc, offering wine enthusiasts a taste of the winery's expertise and the unique terroir of the Conca del Riu Anoia region.
2021 `De Nit` Rosé, Raventós i Blanc
2021 `De Nit` Rosé, Raventós i Blanc
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