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2022 'Apla' Rosé, Oenops

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2022 'Apla' Rosé, Oenops

Introducing the 2022 'Apla' Rosé from Oenops, a wine that redefines the boundaries of Greek rosé through its exceptional craftsmanship and unique approach to winemaking. 'Apla' Rosé is a celebration of the winery's dedication to exploring the untapped potential of Greece's indigenous varietals, resulting in a wine that is both intriguing and irresistibly delicious.

Key Features:

  • 🍇 Vintage: 2022
  • 🍷 Style: Rosé
  • 🏞️ Winery: Oenops
  • 🍷 Flavor Profile: 'Apla' Rosé captivates with its delicate yet complex profile, featuring a harmonious blend of ripe red fruits, floral notes, and a nuanced minerality. Its palate is refreshing and balanced, with a crisp acidity that complements the wine's fruit-forward character, leading to a clean and elegant finish.
  • 🌍 Innovative Winemaking: At the heart of Oenops' philosophy is a commitment to innovation and sustainability. 'Apla' Rosé is produced using minimal intervention techniques to preserve the natural expression of the grapes, showcasing the winery's forward-thinking approach to crafting exceptional wines.
  • 🍇 Indigenous Varietals: Emphasizing the diversity of Greek viticulture, 'Apla' Rosé is made from carefully selected indigenous grape varieties. This choice reflects Oenops' dedication to honoring Greece's winemaking traditions while presenting them in a contemporary light.
  • 🍽️ Food Pairing: The versatility of 'Apla' Rosé makes it an excellent match for a broad spectrum of culinary delights, from light salads and seafood dishes to grilled meats and Mediterranean fare. Its vibrant character enhances the flavors of the cuisine, offering a delightful pairing experience.
  • 🍷 Serving Recommendations: To fully appreciate the subtle complexities and vibrant freshness of 'Apla' Rosé, serve chilled at around 8-10°C (46-50°F). This optimal serving temperature highlights the wine's aromatic bouquet and refreshing palate.

Delight in the innovative spirit and refreshing taste of the 2022 'Apla' Rosé by Oenops, a wine that not only pays homage to Greece's winemaking heritage but also pushes the boundaries of what Greek rosé can be. Savor this modern classic that embodies the essence of avant-garde winemaking.

2022 'Apla' Rosé, Oenops
2022 'Apla' Rosé, Oenops
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