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2022 Cabernet Franc Rosé, Valle de Maule, Viña Echeverría

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2022 Cabernet Franc Rosé, Valle de Maule, Viña Echeverría

Experience the allure of the 2022 Cabernet Franc Rosé from Valle de Maule, Viña Echeverría, a rosé that captures the essence of its Chilean roots with a fresh and elegant twist. Made exclusively from Cabernet Franc grapes, this wine is a celebration of the varietal's adaptability and Viña Echeverría's commitment to quality.

Key Features:

  • 🍇 Vintage: 2022
  • 🏞️ Origin: Valle de Maule, Chile
  • 🍇 Grape Variety: Cabernet Franc
  • 🍷 Flavor Profile: The 2022 Cabernet Franc Rosé dazzles with a palette of aromas, including fresh red berries, subtle green pepper, and a hint of floral notes, creating a bouquet that is both complex and inviting. On the palate, it presents a refreshing acidity paired with flavors of raspberry, cherry, and a touch of herbaceousness, leading to a crisp, balanced finish that lingers pleasantly.
  • 🌍 Valle de Maule Terroir: Known for its diverse microclimates and rich soil composition, Valle de Maule offers an ideal environment for Cabernet Franc. The warm days and cool nights ensure a slow, even ripening of the grapes, contributing to the wine's depth of flavor and aromatic intensity.
  • 🍇 Artful Winemaking: Viña Echeverría employs a combination of traditional and modern techniques to craft this rosé. The grapes are handpicked and gently pressed to extract their vibrant color and flavors, followed by fermentation at controlled temperatures to preserve the varietal's characteristic freshness and vitality.
  • 🍷 Winemaking Innovation: Embracing innovation, Viña Echeverría utilizes stainless steel tanks for fermentation and aging, enhancing the wine's fruit-forward profile and ensuring its aromatic purity. This approach underscores the winery's dedication to expressing the true essence of Cabernet Franc in a rosé format.
  • 🍽️ Food Pairing: This Cabernet Franc Rosé is a versatile partner to a wide array of culinary delights, from light salads and seafood to grilled vegetables and poultry. Its vibrant acidity and fresh fruit flavors make it an excellent choice for pairing with spicy dishes, offering a refreshing counterbalance.
  • 🍷 Serving Recommendation: To capture its full aromatic complexity and crispness, serve the 2022 Cabernet Franc Rosé chilled. This enhances the wine's refreshment factor and makes it an ideal accompaniment to both relaxed and formal occasions.

Indulge in the crisp, refreshing taste of the 2022 Cabernet Franc Rosé from Valle de Maule, Viña Echeverría. This wine not only exemplifies the rich winemaking heritage of Chile but also offers a unique perspective on the Cabernet Franc varietal, inviting wine enthusiasts to explore its distinctive charm and elegance.

2022 Cabernet Franc Rosé, Valle de Maule, Viña Echeverría
2022 Cabernet Franc Rosé, Valle de Maule, Viña Echeverría
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