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2022 Pinot Noir 'Devil's Staircase', Central Otago, Rockburn

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2022 Pinot Noir 'Devil's Staircase', Central Otago, Rockburn

Discover the allure of the 2022 Pinot Noir 'Devil's Staircase', a vibrant and expressive wine from Central Otago's esteemed Rockburn vineyard. This Pinot Noir captures the essence of its spectacular terroir, offering a rich and immersive tasting experience that reflects the dedication and passion of Rockburn's winemaking team.

Key Features:

  • 🍇 Vintage: 2022
  • 🏞️ Origin: Central Otago, New Zealand
  • 🍇 Grape Variety: Pinot Noir
  • 🍷 Flavor Profile: The 'Devil's Staircase' Pinot Noir is renowned for its deep, ruby color and a complex nose of dark cherry, plum, and a hint of spicy oak. On the palate, it delivers a luscious blend of red fruit flavors, nuanced by notes of thyme and dried herbs, with a smooth, velvety finish. The wine's impeccable balance of fruit, acidity, and tannin showcases the exceptional quality of Central Otago's Pinot Noir.
  • 🌍 Central Otago Terroir: Rockburn takes pride in the unique climate and soil composition of Central Otago, which is ideal for producing world-class Pinot Noir. The region's hot summers and cool nights, along with its schist-based soils, contribute to the concentrated flavors and aromas that define this wine.
  • 🍇 Sustainable Winemaking: Sustainability is at the heart of Rockburn's operations, with environmentally conscious practices in both the vineyard and winery. From careful water management to the use of organic fertilizers, every effort is made to maintain the health of the land and produce wines of the highest quality with minimal environmental impact.
  • 🍷 Winemaking Excellence: The 'Devil's Staircase' Pinot Noir is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, from hand-picking the best grapes to gentle fermentation and aging in French oak barrels. This approach ensures the wine's complexity and depth, highlighting the varietal's characteristic elegance and silkiness.
  • 🍽️ Food Pairing: This Pinot Noir's versatility makes it an excellent match for a wide range of dishes, from roasted lamb and duck to mushroom risotto and aged cheeses. Its balance of fruit and acidity enhances the flavors of the food, making for an unforgettable culinary pairing.
  • 🍷 Serving Recommendation: To fully enjoy the 'Devil's Staircase' Pinot Noir, serve it at a temperature of 14-16°C (57-61°F). Decanting the wine for about an hour before serving can also enhance its aromas and flavors, providing a more enriching tasting experience.

Indulge in the exceptional quality and distinctive character of the 2022 Pinot Noir 'Devil's Staircase' from Central Otago's Rockburn. This wine is a celebration of the region's winemaking heritage and Rockburn's commitment to producing wines that captivate and delight.

2022 Pinot Noir 'Devil's Staircase', Central Otago, Rockburn
2022 Pinot Noir 'Devil's Staircase', Central Otago, Rockburn
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