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2022 `Villa Estérelle` Côtes de Provence, Château du Rouët

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The 2022 "Villa Estérelle" Côtes de Provence from Château du Rouët is a captivating rosé wine that epitomizes the winery's dedication to producing high-quality wines in the renowned Côtes de Provence region. Château du Rouët, with a history dating back to the late 18th century, is recognized for its commitment to traditional winemaking practices and its emphasis on the terroir of Provence. "Villa Estérelle" likely reflects the winery's connection to the Estérel Massif, a stunning mountain range near the Mediterranean coast that influences the climate and terroir of the Côtes de Provence. The 2022 vintage is anticipated to capture the essence of the Provencal terroir, with its warm climate and maritime influences shaping the grapes and contributing to the wine's aromas and flavors. The label and branding of "Villa Estérelle" may carry a sense of elegance and sophistication, possibly featuring design elements that evoke the lifestyle and natural beauty of the Provence region. As a Côtes de Provence rosé, this wine is likely crafted primarily from Grenache, Cinsault, and Syrah grape varieties, known for producing expressive and refreshing rosé wines with notes of red berries, citrus, and floral elements. Provencal rosés are celebrated for their pale pink hue and are often associated with a light and crisp character, making them highly sought after for warm-weather occasions and outdoor dining. The release of the 2022 "Villa Estérelle" by Château du Rouët is anticipated by enthusiasts who appreciate the quintessential Provencal style in rosé wines and seek to experience the charm and elegance of Côtes de Provence.
2022 `Villa Estérelle` Côtes de Provence, Château du Rouët
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