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Gancia Prosecco Brut DOC 11,5% Vol. 0,75l

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Gancia Prosecco Brut DOC 11,5% Vol. 0,75l

Indulge in the refined sparkle of Gancia Prosecco Brut DOC, a symbol of Italian elegance and celebration. With an alcohol content of 11.5% and presented in a 0.75l bottle, this Prosecco stands as a testament to the Gancia winery's dedication to excellence and tradition in winemaking. Crafted from select grapes in the heart of Italy's Prosecco region, this Brut offers a harmonious balance of acidity and fruitiness, making it a perfect companion for both special occasions and everyday enjoyment.

Key Features:

  • 🍾 Alcohol Volume: 11.5% Vol., striking the perfect balance between strength and elegance.
  • 📏 Quantity: 0.75 liters, ideal for sharing the joy and taste with friends and family.
  • 🌍 Origin: Proudly produced in Italy, this Prosecco DOC embodies the rich viticultural heritage of the region, known for its high-quality sparkling wines.
  • 🍇 Grape Variety: Made from the finest Glera grapes, meticulously selected to create a sparkling wine of unparalleled freshness and vivacity.
  • 👃 Aroma Profile: A delicate bouquet featuring hints of green apple, pear, and floral notes, leading to an inviting and sophisticated aromatic experience.
  • 👅 Taste Profile: Gancia Prosecco Brut DOC delights the palate with its crisp, clean taste. Enjoy the vibrant flavors of citrus and apple, complemented by a fine, persistent effervescence and a refreshingly dry finish.
  • 🍽️ Food Pairing: This Prosecco is incredibly versatile, making it an excellent match for appetizers, seafood dishes, and light pastas. Its effervescence and acidity cut through the richness of food, enhancing the dining experience.
  • 🎉 Celebration Ready: Whether it's a wedding, anniversary, or a simple gathering of friends, Gancia Prosecco Brut is always ready to elevate the occasion with its celebratory fizz and exquisite taste.
  • 🎁 Gift Idea: Packaged in an elegant bottle, Gancia Prosecco Brut DOC makes a thoughtful and sophisticated gift for Prosecco lovers and wine enthusiasts alike, ideal for commemorating life's special moments.

Experience the art of Italian celebration with Gancia Prosecco Brut DOC. From its delicate aroma to its crisp, refreshing taste, every sip is a testament to the craftsmanship and passion that defines the Gancia winery. Raise a glass to the moments that matter with this distinguished sparkling wine.

Gancia Prosecco Brut DOC 11,5% Vol. 0,75l
Gancia Prosecco Brut DOC 11,5% Vol. 0,75l
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