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`Réserve Oubliée` Blancs de Blancs, Champagne Pierre Péters

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Forgotten Reserves Rediscovered: The name "Réserve Oubliée" translates to "Forgotten Reserve." This Champagne likely involves the rediscovery or revival of carefully stored reserve wines that had been set aside for aging, adding a layer of mystery and intrigue to the blend. Exclusive Blanc de Blancs: As a Blanc de Blancs, this Champagne is exclusively crafted from Chardonnay grapes. Blanc de Blancs Champagnes are known for their crisp acidity, purity, and focus on the characteristics of the Chardonnay varietal. Hidden Treasures in the Cellar: The term "Oubliée" suggests that the reserve wines used in this Champagne were perhaps overlooked or forgotten in the cellar. The rediscovery of these hidden treasures contributes to the uniqueness of the blend. Family Heritage: Champagne Pierre Péters is a family-owned Champagne house with a rich heritage dating back to the 19th century. The estate's commitment to quality winemaking has been passed down through generations. Art of Blending: Crafting a Champagne like "Réserve Oubliée" involves the art of blending. The winemakers at Pierre Péters carefully select and combine different reserve wines to achieve a harmonious and distinctive flavor profile. Extended Aging Potential: Reserve wines, particularly those that were "forgotten" and rediscovered, often contribute to the extended aging potential of the final blend. "Réserve Oubliée" may evolve gracefully in the bottle over time. Complexity from Multiple Vintages: The use of reserve wines, possibly spanning multiple vintages, adds complexity and depth to the Champagne. Blending wines from different years allows the winemakers to create a more nuanced and layered final product. Grand Cru Quality: Pierre Péters is known for sourcing grapes from Grand Cru vineyards, which are recognized for producing the highest-quality fruit. The use of Grand Cru grapes enhances the overall quality and prestige of the Champagne. Terroir Expression: "Réserve Oubliée" may express the terroir of the vineyards from which the Chardonnay grapes are sourced. The characteristics of the soil, climate, and elevation contribute to the wine's unique flavor profile. Limited Production: Given the exclusive nature of the Champagne, "Réserve Oubliée" is likely produced in limited quantities. Limited production adds an element of rarity and desirability to the wine. Commitment to Traditional Methods: Pierre Péters is known for its commitment to traditional Champagne-making methods. This includes hand-harvesting, gentle pressing, and meticulous winemaking techniques that honor the authenticity of the terroir and the varietal.
`Réserve Oubliée` Blancs de Blancs, Champagne Pierre Péters
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